Welcome to the land of the free…

Ahmad Betebi has escaped Iranian persecution and made it to the United States. The NYT has a very interesting article to read, and it includes the quote of the day regarding revolution.


Despite Mr. Batebi’s soft-spoken Persian, translated by Lily Mazahery, an Iranian-American lawyer who is helping him resettle, his contempt for Iran’s rulers is palpable. But he does not want a violent revolution. “No one with a healthy brain wants a revolution without a plan for what comes after,” he said. “That’s what happened in 1979.”

There’s definitely something to be learned from someone who has inadvertently become the face of Iranian Dissention.
(H/T to Chap)

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  1. Rasty says:

    So glad I am not the only one crazy about pinecones, I have them sitntig around and a bowl of them on the porch…It’s so bad the neighbors bring them to me!! Can’t wait to see the table when you are finished. I love before and afters!

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