USS North Dakota

The next VIRGINIA-class submarine will be named after the state of North Dakota.

The delegation and the governor met with Navy Secretary Donald Winter in June. Pomeroy said the meeting was well-timed because the new submarines had not yet been named.

Pomeroy said the group conveyed that the state would be a “supportive community” to the sailors on the ship.

“We’re not looking at this as just a name on the hull,” he said.

The new ship is expected to be commissioned in 2014 and is currently under construction in Groton, Conn., the delegation and Hoeven said. A Naval spokesman would not confirm the naming Monday.

There has only been one USS North Dakota, a vessel that was commissioned as a battleship in 1910 and was a gunnery and engineering training ship during World War I. It was decommissioned in 1923 and sold for scrap in 1931.

I wonder if their underway ballcaps will say “USS SOUTH CANADA”??

update: NORTH DAKOTA will be SSN 784, SSN 783 will be the USS MINNESOTA.

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One Response to USS North Dakota

  1. FantomPlanet says:

    It will be proudly referred to as the USS Formerly Known As Canada. Or, USS Nowhere, by those who don’t know about North Dakota.

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