Get your Full Metal Jacket on

Iraq style.

The HBO mini-series, Generation Kill starts tonight.

I, sadly, do not actually have HBO (hey, I don’t watch that much TV, sorry), so I’ll have to wait until the mini-series comes out on DVD. However, the early reviews say that the show is incredibly faithful to the book of the same name that started as a series of reports from an embedded Rolling Stone reporter.

What I found interesting is that the LT highlighted in the series, LT Nate Fick, is the same guy who authored the book, One Bullet Away, which I found to be an incredibly well written account of the initial invasion of Iraq from the Marine Recon perspective. If the series is anything like the book, it’s going to be one to keep an eye on.

The NY Times actually has a fairly good review:

It is a true story of combat and male bonding, but it is told disjointedly and atonally, perhaps because it pursues clashing goals. “Generation Kill” tries to honor the ordeal — and the humanity — of its heroes while exposing the futility of their quest. It was written by David Simon and Ed Burns, the team behind “The Wire,” and was adapted from the prizewinning book by Evan Wright, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone who was embedded with Bravo Company for the duration of the assault.

Should be a hellava show.

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One Response to Get your Full Metal Jacket on

  1. bullnav says:

    I do have HBO (10 channels in fact, via COMCAST) and watched the first episode the other day. The view is one definitely from the trenches, the type of view that Ernie Pyle was famous for.

    I need to talk with some Marines to see if the attitudes shown is realistic, however. Several of the characters would fit in perfectly as the insufferable but highly knowledgeable RO on the midwatch. In fact the attitude was definitely one you would see in the Navy, but I am skeptical that it would be typical of RECON Marines.

    Richard Lowry has some good insight, too.

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