The cost of freedom

There are a few things in this world that make me wonder if I’m doing all that I can in life.

Navy SEALs are one of them.

There are even fewer things that make me want to hold my sacrifices in lower regard.

The sacrifice of a Navy SEAL is one of them.

During the service, as Monsoor’s coffin was taken from the hearse to the gravesite, Navy SEALs lined up in two columns. As the coffin passed, video shows each SEAL slapping down the gold Trident from his uniform and deeply embedding it in Monsoor’s wooden coffin.

The slaps were reportedly heard across the cemetery.

The symbolic display moved many, included Bush, who during his speech in April’s Medal of Honor ceremony spoke about the incident.

“The procession went on nearly half an hour,” Bush said. “And when it was all over, the simple wooden coffin had become a gold-plated memorial to a hero who will never be forgotten.”

(H/T to Lex)

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2 Responses to The cost of freedom

  1. Rich says:

    Military funerals have always left me feeling a litte smaller and put my small part in everything into perspective.

    During my tour here I have had the honor of being in the honor guard for troops on their last trip home. That is something that I hope I don’t get the opportunity to do very ofter, but will always have time for this. After all, they have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us!

  2. Sandy Salt says:

    It does make one think of the price that we pay for freedom. The SEALs do things right in honoring one of their own. This country needs to see and understand that we do this willingly and the sacrifice is something that we believe in. To cheapen it with silly talk of running away from a fight that so many have given so much. Keep up the good work on the posts. People need to hear the truth once in awhile without political spin.

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