Now that’s just impressive…

What is it, you ask? The largest re-enlistment ceremony since the creation of the all volunteer force, that’s what.

Petraeus presided over the ceremony and led the airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in their oath to defend their country against all enemies both foreign and domestic on this day of celebration of America winning its independence.

“We recognize the sacrifices they make and the sacrifices their families and communities make as they serve in Iraq,” Hill said. “These servicemembers know the cost of war and they are still re-enlisting.”

All together, the servicemembers pledged more than 5,500 years of additional service to their country.

“It makes me feel proud to serve this great nation,” said Spc. Zackary Cunningham, mechanic, 602nd Maintenance Battalion, Tactical Base Balad, who plans on making the Army a career.

The re-enlistees have every right to feel proud, according to Petraeus.

“You and your comrades here have been described as America’s new greatest generation, and, in my view, you have more than earned that description,” Petraeus said. “It is the greatest of honors to soldier here with you.”

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2 Responses to Now that’s just impressive…

  1. Rich says:

    Hello, I linked to your site from TSSBP. I am currently deployed in Kuwiat with Navy Customs, and I am a bubblehead serving in the reserves active in the sub community.

    We had several guys go up to make this re-enlistment, I was mad that this ws not an option when I reupped last month, I had to settle for the Embassy in town and it ended up being a boondoggle for people that wanted to go to the Embassy. (20 people for 2 re-enlistees)

    What was nice is the night before, the General shook each person’s hand and thanked them.

  2. fastnav says:

    Sorry you missed a big show, Rich. But thanks for what you’re doing out there.

    Stay safe!!

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