How’s that new Army doin?

The Iraqi Army. Heard much about it? Prolly not. If you have, it probably wasn’t good.

Bill T over at The Castle gives us a first hand account of the progress, and probably one of the best quotes over.
(H/T to Lex)

The New Army kicks butt, takes names and, when it runs out of paper, stops taking names — because it was recruited, trained and organized while its officers, NCOs, soldiers and recruits were being bombed, shot, rocketed, kidnapped and executed en masse by the same scuzzballs who demand that *we* roll over and die because our existence offends their tender Wahabi sensibilities.

The New Army has some tough people, in my book, and I’ve got a real small book.

Nicely put.

And for the people who don’t think they appreciate what we’re doing for them, here’s a link to the blip on the screen that was the Iraqi Army donating $1000 to the California Wildfire Aid. If you don’t think that it means something to donate money when your own country is fighting to survive, you have no soul.

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One Response to How’s that new Army doin?

  1. LT Nixon says:


    The facts speak for themselves: Basrah, Mosul, Sadr City, and Amarah. It’s good to know we’ll be able to get out of there one day.

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