Maybe Mandatory Service isn’t a bad idea..

Yet another in the “I Love Israel” bin.

An Arab man takes control of a front loader and drives through Jerusalem, flattening everything in his path. Nothing can stop him because he’s got the front scoop raised for protection.

What stops him, you ask? An off duty Israeli Defense Force soldier borrows the gun of a cop and jumps onboard and shoots the guy point blank.

This CNN Video shows the man jumping onto the bulldozer, but it cuts away just prior to him reaching and shooting the driver (which, surprisingly, they showed this morning on FOX News).

Now, why do I love this scenario? Because in the United States, this guy would have rampaged for hours until the police managed to find a way to stop him, with all civilians running for cover and then crying about what caused it. In Israel, a guy off duty grabs a gun from somewhere (there’s lots of them in Israel) and says “Not on my watch, shipwreck!” and ends the situation.

I’d argue that if more people had military training, even a few years of service, a) there’d be less of a scared cow syndrome in society and b) there’d be more appreciation for what it takes to maintain freedom.

But that’s just me.

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4 Responses to Maybe Mandatory Service isn’t a bad idea..

  1. Chap says:

    What, you’ve never heard of Killdozer?

    (More killdozers here)

  2. fastnav says:

    That was awesome. A true classic!

  3. blunoz says:

    I couldn’t agree more. That’s awesome. Reminds me of that story (urband legend?) about the German general asking the Swiss guy what would they do if the German Army invaded, and the Swiss guy said, “That’s easy – each citizen will fire two shots and go home.” That’s the way I remember it, and I’m sure I’ve got my facts off. I found a similar story told here (#7).

  4. Fast Nav says:

    The best quote in that article is this:
    “However, the only acceptable caliber for a man to carry is .45 ACP. 10mm is good but hard to find, .40S&W is a wussified 10mm that the FBI created when it found out its agents weren’t manly enough for 10mm, .357 Sig is excellent but hard to find, .45 GAP is new and untested, .380 is only acceptable as a backup caliber, and no man would be found dead with a 9mm. Actually, a man knows he WOULD be found dead with a 9mm, because a 9mm is a .45 set on stun, and real men do not believe in stun.”


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