The deafening sounds of silence.

Bound to happen eventually. LT G, and the Kaboom war blog have been ordered shut down by higher powers.

He didn’t violate OPSEC. He didn’t bad mouth the war effort. He didn’t route one post through the chain of command. Turns out, it was a post about why he turned down a gig as XO. UPDATE: Linked to the interweb Cache of the original post

What’s surprising is not so much that it was shut down, but how much LT G was allowed to say on his blog. We’ll certainly miss his writings. Hopefully someone else on the ground will pick up the torch and keep us informed of the situation in the sandbox.

Either way, LT G achieved his purpose…

Thank you for caring. Agree or disagree with the war, if you’re reading this, you are engaged and aware. As long as that is still occurring in a free society, there is something worth the fighting for.

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4 Responses to The deafening sounds of silence.

  1. FOARP says:

    His post on turning down the XO position? What a crock!

  2. fastnav says:

    Do you mean its a crock that THAT’s what shut him down, or his turning down XO is a crock?

  3. Chap says:

    Some good comments over at Greyhawk’s place. Might be one thing, might be another, might be a mix. I’ll miss his writing.

  4. Vmaximus says:

    I read LtG all the time (or I did) I read the post about turning down the position, and did not think much of it. Then to find him shut down, disappointed me. Reading all of the comments from Cassandra, and many many others, I understand a little better what you guys go through. I thought he would be safe because everything was so anonymous, but in reality if you know who the gravediggers are you know who his boss is.

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