Maybe we’re figuring this stuff out…

NEW HAMPSHIRE christened today. CNN Reports that maybe that modular construction thing is finally starting to pay some dividends.

The Navy’s newest attack submarine, the New Hampshire, was christened Saturday, delivered eight months ahead of schedule and $54 million under budget.

Nice! I’ll take two.

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6 Responses to Maybe we’re figuring this stuff out…

  1. T-Dawg says:

    >> Nice! I’ll take two. <<

    Why? Who do you want to kill so bad that you spend that much money to do it?

    If they “saved” $54 MILLION – it kinda makes me wonder what the actual cost was? I’m guessing it wasn’t $10 or $20 mil.

    How much good could be done with these amounts of money?
    Why spend so much money to KILL people…. consider the much cheaper option of HELPING and SAVING lives.
    It is astonishingly cheaper to save a life than to take one. Refer to any cost per death statistic in any war. (the bonus is that when you stop killing people, they stop wanting to kill you!)!

    War has NEVER been a path to PEACE — EVER

    How expensive is peace… cause holy-crap, war is sure f’ing expensive!!!

    Peace to All

  2. A new attack submarine, christened by another whining 9/11 widow, is the height of irony.

    Did the Mossadi agents who lined the WTC towers with thermite bombs, sneak in under water? No? Well then, next time they do, I’m sure the New Hampshire will take ’em down all Hunt For Red October style.


  3. fsudirectory says:

    DR Ted, its Mossad, and I highly doubt they were responsible for 911. Stop reading white trash propaganda.

  4. fastnav says:

    I seriously considered taking down these comments as they are very inflammatory, if not just ridiculous.

    I’m going to leave them up for the time being in the name of free speech.

    Regarding the cost of peace, I refer you to this link where you can see the costs of 9/11, and it’s over $100 billion estimated costs. and that was in four hours.

    Dr. Ted, you left as your website. You think the Mossad laced the WTC with thermite bombs. I seriously doubt the veracity or accuracy of your research.

  5. Vmaximus says:

    While I would be tempted to mess with the idiots posts or delete them. It is also good to keep them as is so we can all laugh at the idiocy too. If they are just the common variety of drive by it is one thing but if they turn into regular trolls that f* up every thread, you can really mess with them.

  6. Chap says:

    Yeah, some stupid going on there. I’ve not been infested with fools lately, thankfully.

    Guy running the new boat was a sea dad of sorts back in the day–he was a JO on SFO if the names are the same.

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