Under New Management

Ordered to buy new UAV’s.

Ordered to get control of the Nuclear Arsenal.

Ordered to find a new job.

Secretary of Defense Gates has accepted the resignations of both Gen. Michael Moseley, Air Force Chief of Staff, and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne.

To have both leaders of a military branch forced to resign is certainly unprecedented. Right now, speculation is wild in the blogosphere and main stream media. Sec. Gates is supposed to provide a briefing at 1600 EDT today, so we’ll see what is said.

The initial reports point to Gen. Moseley possible having a part in the infleuncing of a contract for the promotion of the Air Force Thunderbirds. That, combined with all the recent scandals, is certainly enough to point to the ever-popular “loss of confidence.”

Moseley was not singled out for blame, but the investigation laid out a trail of communications from him and other Air Force leaders that eventually influenced the 2005 contract award. Included in that were friendly e-mails between Moseley and an executive in the company that won the bid.

“It is my sense that General Moseley’s command authority has been compromised,” Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said at the time.

The real question I have is, who else is going down?

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One Response to Under New Management


    Assistant Secretary for Acquisition Sue Peyton? One can only hope after the airbus thing.

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