Memorial Day Tribute

In honor of this Memorial day weekend, I thought I’d go around the blogosphere to show the great things that our men and women on the ground/in the air/on the sea are getting done.

From Major P at One Marine’s Viewcomes an inspiring report of actions on the ground from the Devil Dogs.

LT G entertains with a humorous story of the SNAFU’s that can happen when newly trained soldiers get a little nervous in the service, regardless of the country they serve for.

The North Shore Journal brings a story of redemption and honor. It’s the story of Ross McGinnis, the troubled youth he had, and the actions that will bring him the Medal of Honor on June 2.

An American Soldier brings a couple of tales of uncommon valor and courage under fire.

Doc in the Box relays what it means to be “just a corpsman” in this war of IED’s and suicide bombers. They are the bravest in my book, because they’re the ones running in when everyone else is running out.

There’s tons of stories out there to read. And tons more that will never get told. The saddest thing of all is that you will not find many of these stories in the main stream media. It doesn’t sell papers to show how well things are going. It doesn’t bring in viewers to show Iraqi children going to school and playing soccer.

Many people are complaining that we are losing the war. I would say that they need to change their definition of winning, since the definition of war has changed. There will be no Battleship Missouri gathering of people to sign pieces of paper stating “We were wrong to try that. sorry.” Victory will be defined by our leaving with the Iraqi people standing on their own two feet. There will be no surrender of arms to the victorious, but merely an agreement to not point those arms at each other any longer.

The definition of war has changed.

The definition of victory needs to change.

But the valor and determination of our men and women in the service has never changed, and never will.

The Five for Fighting video “Freedom Never Cries.” Extra points for identifying the Medal of Honor recipient who’s working behind the counter.

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One Response to Memorial Day Tribute

  1. Rahul says:

    As a disabled cobamt veteran I want to say that we need to STOP this STUPIDITY of fighting overseas as occupiers. We lose thousands of good men in the name of expansionism rather than protect our own borders. The cost is breaking our financial backs as well.Bring em all HOME and PROTECT America instead !!!

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