Tight Quarters?

and you thought it was going to be tight INSIDE the submarine? Check out the closeness of a submarine crew in the bridge.

Here’s my boys on the USS ALBANY and they pull in to Souda Bay, Crete for a port call recently.

For those counting at home, I spy no less than 8 people in the bridge. View the high-res, full glory photo courtesy of the Navy.mil website HERE.

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3 Responses to Tight Quarters?

  1. Vmaximus says:

    I have a 20′ Grady White CC, I went all out and bought a RayMarine multifunction with a Radar, Depth sounder and sidescan sonar. It cost a bundle.
    Is the white dome next to the khaki guy a radar?

    In the larger photo, What is the guy with the wetsuit on the stern doing?

  2. fastnav says:

    Vmax –

    Yes, the white dome is a FURUNO commercial radar that the boats buy and mount on the sail to provide a backup radar source (which is especially useful since the installed radar on an I-boat is in the front and tends to block visibility when driving).

    The guy in the wetsuit is one of the ship’s divers. He’s there in case anyone falls overboard. In this instance, well…. looks like he’s grabbing a quick leg stretch. Wouldn’t want to pull a hammy ya know. Standing there in a wetsuit is tough work. Wouldn’t want to get hurt! 🙂

  3. Vmaximus says:

    You are Killing me Furuno!

    Thanks FastNav!

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