Hello pot…this is the kettle.

In what may be quite possibly the most irresponsible journalistic headline I’ve ever seen, Time magazine actually poses the question of whether or not we should INVADE BURMA.

I find it amazing how the tables turn on a whim when it comes to the MSM. There’s a dictatorial government that is oppressing its people who desperately need help. The government is resisting working with international organizations, and its people are suffering as a result. Obviously it’s time for a worldwide intervention in the name of peace, justice, and the American way. Oh wait…that was Iraq.

It wasn’t ok then.

But I guess it is now.

I wonder what they actually teach in those “Ethics in Journalism” classes.

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One Response to Hello pot…this is the kettle.

  1. Leaidan says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgitnheed my day!

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