.5 percent

It’s been the topic of many a conversation lately that the military of the United States is made up of only .5% of the population. That, and the appearance of the growing societal chasm between the Praetorians and those who they protect. In light of those two facts/assumptions/points of conversation, LT G (with five months completed time in country so far this tour) has some great words concerning the “War of our Generation”:

Some want this to be another silly little imperialist war, others, a generational calling called the GWOT. (Seriously, who signed off on that acronym?) Having been here long enough to comment, I will steer clear of the politics of the issue and simply state both are incorrect labels. This is too protracted, too bloody, and too starkly different than everything else going on in the new century to be the neo-Philippines – but who are we kidding, a generation has to be involved and interested for a generational calling to occur. Something beyond stretching the limits of the warrior caste has to transpire in that wet dream of slogan-speak and Orwellian doublethink.

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