Can you hear me now?

In what could possibly be twisted into a new commercial for Verizon, Army MP Stephen Phillips’ cell phone accidentally redialed his parents while he was in Afghanistan.

It’s happened to all of us, we get a random voice mail full of garbled sounds and people talking, but no one leaving a real message. The same thing happened to Stephen Phillips’ parents, except the garbled sounds were the sounds of their son in the middle of an insurgent attack on his MP Patrol.

An Oregon couple checking their voice mail found a frightening three-minute recording of their son caught in a battle in Afghanistan.

Stephen Phillips, 22, and other soldiers in his Army MP company were battling insurgents when his phone was pressed against his Humvee. It redialed and called his parents in the small Oregon town of Otis.

Most of the sounds were gunfire, but shouts could be heard, including, “More ammo! More ammo!”

“At the end, you could hear a guy saying ‘Incoming! RPG!’ And then it cut off,” John Petee, Phillips’ brother, told KPTV-TV in Portland.

Luckily, no one was hurt. When his parents finally got ahold of him, Stephen’s comment was, “Don’t let Grandma hear it.”

Here’s to technology.

Listen to the message here.

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