PBS has a 10 part series running that shows life on the USS NIMITZ. It’s been quite the hyped up series since it displays true life. This isn’t one of your Discovery Channel “behold 4 1/2 acres of sovereign territory” tv shows. It really focuses on the people who make the ship move, and gives you a fairly unfiltered perspective. The CNO has had to do a little explaining:

“We did not get a Navy ‘commercial’ in the traditional sense,” wrote Roughead, a member of the Joints Chiefs of Staff and the senior military officer in the Department of the Navy. ” ‘Carrier’ is very different from the hardware documentaries we have supported in the past. This program focuses on our people and the reality-TV approach gives it a sense of authenticity and credibility. Since we did not monitor the individual interviews and ongoing production, the program contains material that does not always and fully represent the discipline, values and mission of the U.S. Navy.”

I watched the first two episodes this evening, and I’d have to say that it’s a very good show with real stories worth watching. I think ADM Roughead got it completely right on this one. If our number one asset is our people, then let’s show America what the 19-21 year olds who truly make the Navy run are going through.

Everyone should go and check it out.

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  1. From the perspective of a sailor that served in the carrier Navy from 1985-1995…what a nightmare…very hard to watch…where is the leadership??? (I was a red shirt AO mafioso…)

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