Eternal Patrol

The submarine force is, by and large, extremely proud of its history. We often laud our accomplishments in World War II where we sank pretty much everything we could find.

We are also very devout in remembering those who never came back from patrol under the sea. Every year we have a tolling of the bells to remember those who gave all fighting the war under the waves.

April 10 marked the 45th anniversary of the loss of the USS THRESHER (SSN-593). While she was certainly not a WWII boat, she was full of our brothers, and we remember her (as well as the SCORPION) during out ceremonies. THRESHER went down during sea trials with all hands on board, and the errors and design flaws discovered as part of the investigation went on to fundamentally change how we operated our ships and maintained the systems necessary for survival.

For all those on eternal patrol aboard THRESHER, may you rest in peace.

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